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 Pregnant, in crisis and welcomed                                             


Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries is a Transitional Christian Home focused on providing housing, counseling, and education, for Mothers in Crisis. 


The mission of Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries is to educate, counsel, and provide safe housing for mothers in crisis. 99% of our mothers have come to us and are dealing with, fleeing from, or seeking sanction with a safety plan from their abuser in an abusive situation of Domestic Violence.  A mother may also be struggling with an unexpected pregnancy, the decision whether to terminate her unborn child, or the responsibility to birth and become a mother to her child .  We as Christian Counselors are dedicated to minister and teach the true meaning of the Sanctity of Life, through Godís Word and assure each mother there are options to abortion.   Together, we help the mother with her decision that Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries Promise of Life Program is an opportunity to birth, bond, and parent.  We also gently and compassionately suggest a carefully thought out alternative plan, where she selects the family for her child in an open adoption.  Her child then becomes a beautiful gift of life to this family she has chosen and there she experiences an honorable sacrifice of love. 


Our vision of Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries is not only to be instruments in guidance and understanding, but to help every expectant mother recognize the value and significance of the life of her unborn child.  Our desire is to reach out and touch each mother who is alone, unknowledgeable of options, and contemplating abortion.  This healing begins with ministering love and acceptance, bringing spiritual growth that is essential and a priority for development.  The calling on our life is challenging, especially when we see motherís lives changed and their childrenís lives saved.  When a mother completes and graduates from the TRM Promise of Life Program life and she steps out into society, life for her and her child truly becomes a reality.


We of Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries have made a life long dedication to serve and support each of our mothers.  This assures an impact of  hope that will alter not only their life but that of their unborn child. For each mother, we pray for discernment in their delicate lives that are so fragile, or most often broken.  An unexpected pregnancy can traumatize and devastate a womanís life.  As Christian counselors and educators, we are committed to excel in all areas of circumstances to accommodate each client.  We strive for excellence in encouragement, personal recognition, and meeting spiritual and emotional needs, which in turn starts the process to healing.  Christís teachings bring a strong foundation for the mothers decision to keep her child, where she can begin to rebuild and bring restoration into her life.  The unborn child is what the mission is, and the depth of the commitment is our Faith.


As a 501-C3 non-profit Christian organization, we desire a long-term goal of being self supporting to assure stability in meeting the obligations, responsibilities financially for each of our residents, and for the ministry as a whole.  This will allow us to accommodate more clients, reach out beyond ourselves, and give back to the community.   Partnering is our extended goal, by believing in the same vision and bringing effectiveness. 




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